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Spin Dance Acres is a small farm dedicated to raising a rare and wonderful breed of sheep, Navajo-Churro. We are proud to be active members of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, and active promoters of this breed for their versatility and hardiness.

Navajo Churros are one of the oldest domesticated livestock breeds in the United States. Their history is very interesting and a testimony to how tough and resilient these animals are. For a complete history of the Navajo-Churro, along with breed standards visit This page of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association gives a very detailed summary of the animals and their history, which is fascinating.
Churros are considered a multipurpose breed, meaning they can be used for wool production, meat, and milking. Our focus is on the wool. Registered and register-able breeding stock, in many colors, are available, as well as raw wool, some roving, and finished items. Please visit the Products page for information on wool and the Woven Products page to see what finished items (rugs, purses, and hooked bowls/containers) are available.
Navajo-Churro wool comes in many lovely natural sheep colors but for those of you that want to work with even more color, natural plant dyed yarns are available. The yarn is all single ply spun for us at 750-800 yards of yarn per pound of wool. This produces an ideal weight for weaving, especially Navajo style weaving. The wool is then hand dyed using plant material. Please visit the Yarn Shop to see colors and materials used. I find natural plant dyes fascinating and fun.
We also sell some locker lambs. Because Churros tend to carry their body fat within the body cavity, their meat is leaner with a very sweet flavor. Our lambs are grass fed with no growth hormones or antibiotics.
Please visit the Gallery of Sheep page for photos of the 2022 Lambs and Sale Animals. Adult rams and ewes for sale are located on the Gallery page as well.
Or just for fun CLICK HERE to see a slide show of sheep, the farm, and daily life on the farm.
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