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  Spin Dance Acres is a slowly developing/evolving small farm located just south of Boise, Idaho. The land was purchased in 1999. Initially the idea was to raise sheep to assist in keeping the land in an agricultural tax category. We became interested in Navajo-Churro sheep as a result of a dedicated issue of “High Country News” about the breed, their history, and Dr. Lyle McNeil. As I did more research on the breed, it became obvious that they might work for our situation. We purchased our first animals, four bred ewes, in the fall of 2000.

  In 2001 we decided to attend the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association's annual meeting, which was being held in Taos, New Mexico. It was a great trip and we met many people that are very dedicated to the preservation of the Navajo Churro as a unique breed.

  I had been endeavoring to sell raw wool with limited success. Someone suggested that if I really wanted to sell the wool, I should learn to spin. Even if I never did anything with the yarn, I would at least be able to "talk the talk" and have a better idea of what spinners were looking for. I took his advice and things exploded from there.

  Now we have 32 breeding ewes and four rams. I spin my own yarn using a Navajo Spindle, and I use that yarn to weave rugs and purses using a Navajo style loom. The many natural colors of the Churro wool allow me to get striking color contrasts without using any dyed yarns.  To see some examples of finished items, please visit the Woven Products page.
  In 2010, I decided to delve into dying yarn with natural plant dyes.  This is something I have always been interested in and figured it was finally time.  I shipped all my white wool off to a mill for spinning and anxiously awaited its return.  Juniper, Willow Bark, Apple Bark, and Mormon Tea were the first plant materials I worked with.  It was just so cool to go down in the pasture and cut plant material to produce the dyes.  And the colors were amazing!!  To see what plant dyes and colors are available, please go to The Yarn Shop page.
  For 2022, here is a list of the shows that I will be attending:
    Western Idaho State Fair, Boise, ID       Aug. 24-28
    Trailing Of The Sheep, Sun Valley, ID               Oct. 7-9
     N-CSA Annual Meeting, Blanding, UT              Oct. 14-16

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