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Churro wool in many colors
Navajo-Churro Wool
In many colors
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Featuring Single Ply Navajo-Churro Yarns
In Natural Plant Dyed Colors and Sheep Colors
Perfect for weaving
All yarns are single ply and made from 100% Navajo-Churro wool. 
I have it spun for me at 700-750 yards per pound of clean wool. 
Yarn Sample Card
$2.00 (includes postage)
Starting on a Purse rug
Working With the Wool 


        Weaving is my passion. At times I think it even tops raising the animals. I started my first weaving project in 2002 and am largely self taught. I love the simplicity of the Navajo system of weaving and am continually amazed at the beauty and complexity of pattern that can be achieved. The wide variety of colors of Navajo-Churro wool allows me to develop striking contrasts without having to dye the wool. I love the natural colors and tend to do very little work with dyed yarns. I spin all my own yarn and use that yarn in my weavings so most pieces are totally hand made.  I do my own shearing so I am involved with all stages of the process from raising the animals to the finished product. 


        Occasional pieces made with commercial yarn are available. These pieces tend to be done when I am learning a new technique and don’t want to use my hand spun yarn to experiment with.


        Please visit the Woven Products page to see examples of my work and the range of peices that are available for purchase. Commission peices can be done as well. If you have questions or want additional information please feel free to contact me via email at:

Navajo-Churro Wool


Wool on the animal        Navajo-Churro have a double coated wool that is considered a coarse wool.  The outer coat is responsible for the coarse classification.  It is longer than the inner coat and very straight, almost hair like but it is a wool fiber.  This outer coat is what gives the Churro it’s distinctive “drappy” look.  The inner, shorter coat is quite fine and very soft.  Most people spin the fibers together but if you wanted to produce something from the softer inner coat the outer fiber can be pulled out fairly easily.  Myself, that’s too much work!!
          The outer coat is very tough and can withstand a great deal of rough treatment.  A rug or saddleblanket made with the outer coat included will withstand years of wear that other wools will not.   If the outer coat is pulled out it makes an excellent warp yarn that is extremely strong.


         Color is one of the reasons that I was initially attracted to the Navajo-Churro.  Black, gray, brown, tan, white and everything in between is out there.  Our herd contains a little of everything as well.


        Raw unwashed wool prices vary depending on color, uniformity, and quality.  Generally prices start at $4.00/lb and go as high as $7.00/lb for really exceptional fleeces.  Fleeces are heavily skirted as soon as they come off the animal.  By doing my own shearing I can skirt the fleece as soon as it comes off the animal.  This results in a cleaner more uniform skirting.  Due to the heavy skirting most fleeces run between 3-5 pounds of prime wool.  I do not coat my animals but they spend most of their time on irrigated pasture.  I also believe that the straight outer coat tends to help keep them clean.

2011 Rovings        Roving is also available.  I have it commercially processed and I hand roll it into 4 and 8 ounce balls.  Color depends on what I have at the time.  I have had to increase my prices due to increases in processing and shipping.  The price for all roving is $2.50 per ounce as of 6/8/22.
        I will ship both raw fleeces and roving but the price of the shipping will be added to the total of the order.  I compress the fleeces to reduce oversize charges.


        Please contact me via email to find out current availability and prices.

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