Catalog Spreadsheet
The purpose of this tutorial is to guide you through the initial creation of your product catalog in your EZ-NetTools EZ-Commerce account. If you do not have an EZ-Commerce account, you will need to get one before proceeding.

There are two methods for getting product information into your EZ-NetTools catalog.
  • The first method is to enter product information one product at a time using the EZ-Catalog online interface under the construction tools tab.  This is the simplest method for creating an online catalog.  If you do not have very many products ( less than several hundred) you should give serious consideration to entering your data in this way. If this is the case, this tutorial is not for you. Contact Technical Support for help getting started.
  • The second method is to import product information from a data file.  While the catalog import feature can be used to create an EZ-NetTools catalog very quickly and efficiently it does require that the data be in a very specific format.  Learning how to get the data in that format can require some effort and technical knowledge. Once you understand the process, it works very well.  However, because of this learning curve, we suggestion that you use this method only if you have many  products (several hundred or more ) that are already in some electronic format.
If you are unsure which method would be best for you, call Technical Support, and they will help you to decide which method would be more appropriate for your situation.

If you decide to use the import method, the rest of this tutorial will provide instructions and examples to help you do it correctly.
You must meet the following requirements in order to start building your catalog:
  • Have an EZ-Commerce account with EZ-NetTools.
  • Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or a similar spreadsheet application
  • Based on the methods available to you in EZ-Shipping, determine which method you will use to calculate the amount to charge your customers.
  • Based on your local laws, determine whether or not you need to charge sales tax for your products.
Section 2 - Three Spreadsheets
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