Differentiated Instruction
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In this Differentiated Instruction training you will not sit reviewing the whole brain approach to teaching grade level content standards. You will instead collaborate on integrating strategies into lessons you already teach. You will leave with many ways to address the learning interest, needs and abilities of all students.

This student centered approach to academic mastery will bring every student into the learning and teaching process. Teachers will learn to use a wide variety of engaging strategies that allow students to work with partners, in groups, and independently on standards based projects.

Myrick, a master storyteller will also demonstrate how to use storytelling to guide instruction that involve students in the teaching process as they learn from one and other. You will teach lessons to students that they will remember long after they take test for mastery.

You will learn to use student and school data to zero in on your class instructional needs. When you couple all this with backwards planning and proactive discipline to make DI possible, test scores will not only improve, but students will leave your class everyday wanting to return.


Learn to present lessons in a manner that will grab and keep student attention.

Learn to create learning experiences that become long term memories.

Learn to promote collaboration between students through fun competitions.

Learn to address issues of equity by developing plans that address learning style, challenges, student interest and culture.

Learn to meet the individual needs of students, while addressing standards and matching them with whole brain instructional strategies that are student centered.


Use a planning matrix and standards to make backwards planning more effective.

Use the planning matrix to quickly collaborate with peers on strategies that promote independent student learning and critical thinking.

Use student and school data to drive and support student instructional needs.

Use standards to analyze ways to meet the needs of struggling learners and advance learners.

Use flexible groupings and project based independent learning opportunities that keep students engaged, challenged and on track.

Each training session will be based on the specific needs of each school or district.

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