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"Time To Teach" seminars provide practical, proven, powerful and evidence based classroom management strategies that will guarantee you "Time To Teach". When teachers use Time To Teach strategies, referrals and suspensions go down, teachers have more time to teach and test scores go up! Classroom climates and the school culture will change, creating a learning environment that will benefit administrators, teachers, students and parents. Time To Teach strategies will enhance character education programs, support anti-bullying programs, and allow teachers time to bring life to restrictive scriptive teaching formats.
"Time To Teach strategies provide a large toolbox of non-punitive methods that can be used by K through 12 teachers, substitute teachers, special education teachers, principals, counselors, psychologists, at-risk coordinators, special education directors, staff development directors, paraprofessionals, educational assistants, administrators, curriculum directors, school board members, and parents.

"Time To Teach" seminars will teach you how to: 
  • Teach the disrespectful to be respectful
  • Teach the unmotivated to be motivated
  • Teach the irresponsible to be responsible
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Arrange any classroom for maximum achievement
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Capture student attention
  • Refocus the reluctant learner
  • Use a myriad of powerful prompting techniques
  • Spend quality time with ALL students in your classroom
  • Eliminate repeated warnings & multiple requests in a positive fashion
"Time To Teach" will help you to: 
  • Increase student achievement
  • Create positive classroom behavior
  • Intervene effectively when students misbehave
  • Develop a classroom climate and school culture based on
  • >caring,
  • >clear limits, consistency,
  • >and respect
  • Motivate apathetic, reluctant learners, and potential dropouts
  • Build a foundation for the prevention of violence
  • Improve home, school, and community collaboration
  • Promote character education and the development of good citizenship

It's a Great Day For Teachers!
Seminar participants begin the day with courteous giggles, move through open chuckles and into side-splitting belly laughs as our sought-after teacher experts share anecdotes, ideas - and most important - the solution to building a high performing classroom. Our "active duty" K-12 teacher trainers live "in the trenches" on a daily basis. CTE trainers pride themselves in being much more than just college faculty with lofty ideals and fancy theory. We have been nick-named the "Tools for Tomorrow not just Theory For Thought" company. Presenter Jamie Myrick is a Literacy Coach, English Teacher and professional storyteller whose stories and presentations will enlighten and entertain you as you discover you can find Time To Teach! We also provide our seminar participants with a comprehensive Resource Handbook filled with teacher lesson plans, ideas, and easy-to-implement strategies!

An Administrators Dream!
The highly successful blueprint for implementing Time To Teach school-wide is filled with scores and scores of practical strategies for creating a high performing, positive learning environment and increasing teacher job satisfaction. Unlike many programs, ours is both student and teacher oriented. Time To Teach is good for teachers and students. We guarantee staff 'buy-in'. We have at least a ninety-five percent teacher buy in following our sessions. Why? Because the program is based upon sound, practical strategies which are highly effective and nearly impossible to object to. We also offer an overview video, forms, and an exhaustive resource handbook.

College Credit
This course is offered for college credit through Chapman University.

Chapman University partners with a number of national professional development organizations that offer seminars and workshops nationwide. Participants that attend specified workshops may earn credit by completing a follow-up practicum, based on the content of the workshop

Details for direct enrollment and Registration Forms for Chapman University will be available at the seminar.

Detailed information can by found at the Chapman University Web Site.

Resource Handbook (Training Manual)
This CTE produced comprehensive handbook for teachers K-12. shares ideas, strategies, tips, and techniques. They will forever increase your teaching time, student on-task time, and reduce stress for you and your students. We put forth innovative strategies that establish optimal learning environments. You will go way beyond discipline to create a program that will change your students' behavior and they will love it!
250 Teach-To's For Classroom Success
No matter how good your curriculum, pacing guide, scripted program is organized or how prepared you are...all are irrelevant until your students are ready and willing to behave. Nearly three decades ago, Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden, both of UCLA, helped in the initial design of what the Center today calls the Time To Teach program. At the foundation of Time To Teach, is the notion of "teach-to's" - those behaviors and routines teachers must teach every child in order for his or her classroom to run smoothly. Over the past decade, the CTE has put together over 250 pages of classroom- and school-wide "teach to's" that highly effective teachers are using in diverse classroom settings across America, Canada, and abroad.

Time To Teach: Empowerment & Excellence in Every Classroom

Having trained tens of thousands of teachers who teach hundreds of thousands of students, we know that children and adolescents can and will be responsible for their own behavior and for their own learning, but these skills must be taught first. That's why we have been tirelessly promoting it for over twenty-seven years! We were initially guided by Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden, both of UCLA (quite a story). This book focuses on proven strategies for teaching these important skills to students, evaluating their successes, and certainly focuses on the art of delivering effective consequences when all else fails. Special techniques are outlined for preventing discipline problems and dealing effectively with those that do occur.

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The Center For Teacher Effectiveness is rapidly becoming the leading provider of teacher training and staff development for educators in the United States, Canada, and abroad. We teach our innovative and highly effective strategies at seminars, education conferences, in schools and districts. We are helping teachers everywhere to find Time to Teach.