Ginger Park, Hale Middle School LAUSD
"At my school we are working on Character traits, what a great way to teach 'Character Counts' without sounding too much like we are lecturing adults."

Cheryl Petretti, Cruickshank Middle School Merced City School District
"The seminar is an affirmation that Storytelling belongs in my class. The presentation was inspirational. I needed this for me and my students."

Sandie Smith, Tommie Kunst Jr. High School, SMBSD
"I learned so much in this seminar. I plan to find stories to weave into my social studies lessons. This have been one of the best seminars yet.”

Kelly Graham, Principal and consultant with Time to Teach
"You have fantastic Charisma. Myrick's presentation was one of the best seminars at the 2006 CLMS in San Jose. Storytelling as a teaching tool can meet the needs of teachers from k- 12."
Storytelling Lectures
The Bridge To

There are many reasons to use storytelling lectures:

It can access prior knowledge

It address teacher concerns about equity and diversity

It can enhances math, history and science lectures

It teaches character education

It is a natural mnemonic device

It serves as a positive classroom management tool

It allow students of every learning style to understand


JP Myrick provides storytelling and differentiated instruction staff training that includes how to use this whole brain instructional tool.  Storytelling is an ancient teaching method that allows students to learn because it reaches the heart and mind.  Storytelling will make your lectures unforgettable. Students will learn to give presentations in the same manner teaching you in return. 

In this fast paced informative seminar, Teacher storyteller Jamie Myrick will give you a deeper understanding of this practical differentiation teaching tool that can be used to bring life to lectures, guide your direct instruction, reprimand a class without anger while still teaching a grade appropriate standards based curriculum. Ms. Myrick’s goal is to provide teachers with tools that meet the needs of all students. She is passionate about helping teachers to reach their goals of addressing the challenge of academic equity. As a Time to Teach consultant she believes and knows that every child is different and every single child can learn. Students of every age learn from lessons that include storytelling because it is a learning strategy that reaches the heart and mind.  Every teacher has a story to tell, this workshop teaches you how to decide when to share your stories to create background knowledge, directions and corrections.

"Tell me a fact and I learn, Tell Me the Truth and I believe
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever"
Native American proverb