JP Myrick Historical Productions guarantees you a storytelling theatrical experience with historical references. Some programs are interactive. All programs will leave you with a smile on your face recognizing humanities resilience.

"I think a play is a fun way to learn about history. I hope you will put on another one next year," Heather Buholzer, 6th grade student.

"Thank you very much for your excellent presentation of Harriet Tubman. I was impressed!" Mr. Muller, Principal, Will Rogers Middle School.

"As a former 5th grade teacher, I can't imagine a better way to explain history," Malinda Hawks, Sacramento, Barnes and and Nobel.

"We should never forget how songs we sing today to praise God were also used to lead black people to freedom and safety," Pastor Otha Johnson, Rock of Ages Baptist Church

"Thank you for sharing your talents with children attending our library programs. It was a treat for all ages," Terry Chekon, Sacramento Librarian.

"Jamie Myrick uses storytelling as a lecture tool to teach students. This provides students with a cultural perspective, and valuable character lessons," Dr. Lindalee Ausejo Prinicipal WCCUSD
Storytelling For Every Occasion
Storytelling is great for conferences, school assemblies, festivals, church programs, weddings, children parties and even wakes. JP Myrick will put together an appropriate performance to meet the needs of your event. Myrick is also frequently asked to host programs. As a program mover she will keep the pace of the program going through stories, jokes and when appropriate songs that engage the audience.
Audiences will leave feeling encouraged, and remembering your event.

Ella First Lady of Song: This Ella Fitzgerald show takes the audience to an Ella concert and throughout the concert she shares with you her life story through the songs that made her a favorite for generations.
Delilah Beasley: Through a narrative of Eagle stories Delilah’s story addresses a black journalist  for the Oakland Tribune who was determined to see colleges in California integrated starting with UC Berkeley’s “International House.”

A Pleasant Woman: Capture the testimony of underground railroad conductor, women’s sufferage financial supporter, and good friend of John Brown Mary Ellen Pleasant as she fight for her freedom. Mary Ellen Pleasant was one of America’s first independently wealthy woman long before Madame CJ Walker. From San Francisco she fought for women’s rights and the end o f slavery by supporting the battle financially.

Dust Tracks in the Road: Meet Zora Neale Hurston and learn about other great African American writers from the Harlem Rennasuance while Zora’s stories are shared in a manner that will make you want to dance and laugh.

If I Can, So Can You: This Salute to Madame CJ Walker show how she was one of America’s first great motivational speakers. She not only created a market for black hair care products and inspired women to change their destiny but she passed on to young African Americans the necessity for obtaining a strong education.

Lady Liberty: This presentation starts with Lady Liberty views of the American nation battle to keep the doors open to freedom while men face challenges as they immigrate into a new world. It is a mixture of traditional storytelling, poetry and stories of immigrants finding their way in our society.

Sojourner’s Journey of Truth: In this presentation, Sojourner Truth is giving a speech at a Suffrage Meeting. It contains stories of her life, and the other women who dared to ask for the rights of humanity.

Ida B. Wells Tell the World: Ida B. Wells Red Book is a historical record of the history of lynching. Within the brutality of these stories are the stories of families. In Ida B. Wells Tell the World, the focus is on her desire write the stories of African American.

Mother Iola: In this program wise grandmother Iola share stories that help parents and young people to understand the character traits of self-discipline and respect. It is perfect for a parent group or for students of all ages who are being trained in character education.

A Meeting With Harriet Tubman: This presentation is designed to give you the experience of escaping for freedom. It includes interactive songs, stories and historical accounts of the Underground Railroad.

Your own theme:  If your school or organization is planning a special program and want a presentation around a specific theme JP Myrick will combine a series of folktales, fables and tall tells to meet your specific needs and the time allotted.

Contact: Jamie P. Myrick   510-333-1306
"Tell me a fact and I learn, Tell Me the Truth and I believe
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever"
Native American proverb