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Merry Christmas, a little late! December has been a very memorable month and there is much to update! We love  the holidays, and are enjoying them thoroughly. Just being able relax and spend time with family has been so therapeutic. We love our family, including all of our extended family. The picture below was taken in November and includes the entire Ken and Dixie Burt family. It would be impossible to get a recent picture of the Hal and Carma family since there are 130+ members and they are spread throughout several states. However, I (KaraLyn) spent the past couple months working on a Ferguson family calendar (through Heritage Makers) to give to Richard's parents for Christmas. As far as I know, all 130+ members of the family are pictured somewhere in the calendar. I was very blessed to marry into such an amazing family. I love them all, although, I still have yet to meet a few of them.
We feel very blessed this time of year to ponder more on the birth of the Savior and celebrate His life. We know as did King Benjamin, that 'Salvation can come unto the children of men, only in and through the name of Christ' (Mosiah 3:17)." His birth was truly a gift to us all! We are also especially grateful at this time for all of our friends, family, and neighbors who give us so much love, support, and acceptance. We don't know what we would do or where we would be without you. Thank you.
We wish you all comfort and peace for the upcoming New Year!
Richard and KaraLyn Ferguson

Guestbook Entries:

January 11, 2009  from "Becky Burt"


Even though we get to see your family often, it is so fun to visit your journal and see the details of what your family is up to. Thanks for organizing the Nursing Home visit - it was fantastic. And thanks for your sales/coupon mentoring - it's great information.  

January 6, 2009  from "Pat Laurence"


Hi, K and R,
What a great journal. Wish I could make one but I'm not computer literate like you.  The pictures are precious.  I know how hard it is to bring a big family together because I can never do it with my 4 siblings and their kids, no matter how hard I try. Maybe I should give up.  My children are doing well. I spent New Year Day with my son and 2 children. They are now 3 and 11 months and very cute.  I'll have to wait until next summer to see my daughter who lives in CO. 
Richard and I wish you a very special new year filled with love and joy.  We look forward to seeing you next summer. 
Love in Christ,
Pat and Richard Laurence

November 5, 2008 from "ShaeLee May"


I can't believe it!  They don't even look like the same kids I saw years ago.  I can't believe how much Thomas looks like Richard, and Marianne looks like one of Sid and Becky's kids.  WOW, they are adorable.  Time sure does fly by!
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