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Dear Family and Friends,
We have now been doing this for a month, and we have enjoyed it immensely.  First of all, we have made contact with many friends and family that we haven't heard from in a long time, and secondly, it has been fun to see ourselves and realize just how happy we are! :) If you would like to see our fun Halloween pictures, click on the Summer/Fall link. Also, remember to click on our family picture to view our Music Retreat and Violin Shop sites.
Richard & KaraLyn
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Guestbook Entries:

November 11, 2007 from "Karen Hauley


KaraLyn, since you were half named after me, does that make me your favorite aunt? I just spent a few minutes looking at your music retreat and violin shop sites - you are a busy, busy girl! And you are doing some remarkable things. It's good to see pictures of your little family - that is growing up quickly. And it was fun to see pictures of the family reunion. I think my sister has done a great job with her kids. Keep posting fun pictures.
Love, your favorite aunt

November 6, 2007 from "Barbara Studebaker


I'm afraid I'm a dork I didn't realize that everyone can read this. Anyway love the pictures. Jim and I are Lord of the Rings and Star Wars geeks too, loved the costumes.

November 6, 2007 from "Janae Pew


Hi! I just discovered your blog and am SOOO glad we can keep in touch online now! You guys are seriously the cutest family out there. We miss you and Rexburg so much! We have a blog too at

November 6, 2007 from "Laureen Hammond


Hi KaraLyn and Richard!
I love the Journal idea! Its so much fun to review. Your kids are sooo cute,and I have to say,the shoe story was great! I loved it.
Thanks again for sharing.I hope things are going well for you guys in Rexburg.

November 6, 2007 from "Jenni Warner guys have to be the best people on the planet and I love that you told us that great shoe story.  You are going to be glad that that one is writen down because it is going to be told forever.  Love the pictures and miss you all like crazy!  Give the kids a big hug from me and hopefully we'll see you soon!

November 6, 2007 from "Alison Ferguson”


I was laughing so hard at the story about shoeless William, I started crying! Poor kid, and so funny that you got a picture of it! You'll laugh at that one for a long time, I'm sure. And if that's the worst thing you've done as a mother, KaraLyn, you're in good shape. :)


November 5, 2007 from "Mindy Hillman”


Can I just say that I couldn't stop laughing about William's shoes!  I can totally see myself doing that, and I only have two kids!  You are one of the best moms ever, no worries!  We've all been there!


November 4, 2007 from "Kelli Marshall”


Karalyn.. i am so glad i came across this site!  i haven't seen you in so long!  i hope all is well with you and your family.. in case you forget who i am.. it's your cousin kelli "kinnersley" marshall

November 3, 2007 from "Maren Layton”


hey KaraLyn! I found the link to your journal from Ryan's blog. Hope things are going well with you guys. Feel free to check out our blog:

love, your favorite cousin