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Picture of the Month
Here are the kids on the first day of school! Thomas is in 4th grade (still geeking out about that one), Marianne is in 3rd, and William is in 1st. They all have such great teachers, and they seem to be enjoying school so far. Just after school started, a lady I know called and asked if Sarah and I would be interested in doing Joy School three times a week. It took a couple days of much deliberation, but we finally decided to give it a go. She has been once already and loves it! (No surprise there.) Because there are six children all together, I will only have them for two of the twelve weeks. And, last but not least, (...drum roll...) Richard will be taking a couple classes at BYU-I this semester! See? Much to many people's surprise, Richard didn't drop out of college before graduating, he just took off a couple years...well...ten to be exact! His classes will fit somewhere between 30 private students, teaching middle school and jr. high classes in Sugar City plus two classes at Montessori, and running the music store. So, he will be a busy guy! Wish us luck! 
P.S. Notice Marianne's cute skirt. My Mom made one for each of the granddaughters! I know - she is amazing. I only wish she would have passed that gift on to me...

Guestbook Entries:

October 3, 2008 from "Rebecca Burt"


Your kids are too cute.  That's a fun first day of school picture. And wow-I had no idea Richard was taking classes as well.  That's awesome.