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Hello! It's October already! Last month we took a trip to Bear World when the kids could get in free. This picture is one of many taken there. Click on the September link to see some more. Also, you can click on the October link to learn a little more about KaraLyn. We will continue to add to October throughout this month, so come back often! Hope you are all doing well. Keep us up to date on your lives. We love to hear from you!

Guestbook Entries:

November 5, 2008 from "ShaeLee May"


I can't believe it!  They don't even look like the same kids I saw years ago.  I can't believe how much Thomas looks like Richard, and Marianne looks like one of Sid and Becky's kids.  WOW, they are adorable.  Time sure does fly by!

October 8, 2008 from "KaraLyn Ferguson"


I don't know if they look more angelic, but they definitely ACT more angelic when they are sleeping. No fighting, no screaming, no begging, no whining... it's a dream! :)

October 8, 2008 from "Julie Ferguson"


The pictures of the kids are just precious! Do they look this angelic when they are asleep? Love, Aunt Julie

October 8, 2008 from "Hal G. Ferguson"


Lots of interesting things, keep it up, it will be worth gold in years to come.  We love you.  Dad

October 8, 2008 from "Jenni Warner"


I love william in this picture!  What a crack up!

October 3, 2008 from "Rebecca Burt"


Your kids are too cute.  That's a fun first day of school picture. And wow-I had no idea Richard was taking classes as well.  That's awesome. 
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