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Hello Everyone!


It’s December already! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Besides Christmas, we have three birthdays to celebrate this month! We already celebrated Sarah's – it was on December 1st, William’s is the 13th and Thomas’ is the 19th! It will be busy to say the least, but I just love this time of year. I also love this months “Picture of the Month.” Thomas has wanted to sell hot chocolate for weeks now, and he finally got his chance. I bought the hot chocolate and he paid me for it. This was his thing so he wouldn’t let anyone help him. He is hoping to save up for a pocket rocket. I believe he sold over $10.00 of hot chocolate this day! Way to go, Thomas!
Picture of the Month

Guestbook Entries:

December 7, 2007 from "Kelli Marshall


hey karalyn.. just as and fyi.. i changed the URL to my blog it is now  so if you want to see new pictures go to that address:)  love your new pictures.. your kids are adorable!

December 4, 2007 from "Alyse Burt


Cameron loved Thomas's page! We had fun over Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

December 3, 2007 from "Mindy Hillman


I LOVE that Thomas wanted to sell Hot Chocolate!  What a great idea!  He's already showing his entrepreneurial side, like his folks!