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Horseback Riding

Brian and his kids came to Rexburg for a couple days while Natalie was at girls' camp. He invited us to go ride horses that his Dad owns. (Brian and Natalie are purchasing the two horses that we rode.) It was a lot of fun, except for one minor problem....MOSQUITOS! And A LOT OF THEM! I am not kidding! I have never seen so many mosquito's in my life - at least, not all in one place! It was crazy. And of course, we were not prepared with repellent. We pretty much got eaten alive. It made for a quick horse riding trip, but it was fun nonetheless.

I am pretty sure Thomas is flicking off a mosquito in this picture.

I am not quite sure why I let James get on. It was quite the juggling act actually. I was walking alongside the horse with one hand on James, one hand smacking mosquito's off James and Sarah (not to mention, myself), and trying to keep the horse from stepping on my foot - all at the same time. I literally couldn't watch where I was even going. But, James and Sarah were amazingly relaxed and totally oblivious to any mosquito's. They thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Aren't they cute? Way too small to be riding a horse.

This is Brian and his girls, Sage and Annie. I feel bad that I didn't get a picture of William. He got on a horse for a little while, I think, but I must have been too busy smacking mosquito's off of me to get around to taking a picture.

And here is my handsome prince. Now all he needs is his shining armor! Did I mention that there were mosquito's? Lots of them. :) Thanks for taking us horseback riding, Brian. We really did have fun...