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Smith Family Reunion

On June 14th, we were able to attend the Smith Family Reunion in a fun little park in Copperton, UT. (A very small town that I did not even know existed!) This reunion included the posterity of my Grandpa and Grandma Smith (my mother's parents who have both passed away). It turned out to be a beautiful, very memorable day. I was grateful we were able to attend.

This is my Uncle Rod. He was put in charge of telling a brief history of my Grandpa Smith. However, he left it open for anyone who wished to share their memories. It made for a very interesting mix of inspiring and entertaining stories. My Grandpa Smith was an amazing man.

Rod's wife, Karen, with their son Eric, and grandson in back. Katie and Alyse in front.

Lance, Becky, and Abram.
(Little Abram is already getting the attention of all the girls - definitely his father's son! :)

My Aunt Judy (left) and a whole bunch of her children and grandchildren. (Sorry! Although I know most of their names, I am not sure if I know all of them, so I better not try... You see, this is what happens when you live far away AND have no blog to look at! :)

L to R: Sarah, Mom, Aunt Karen, Trev, and Dad.

Aunt Karen with her son (my cousin) Scott, his wife Marisha, and their son, Wesley. (Yay! I remembered a name!)

Mom and Aunt Karen. I have fond memories of these two women laughing uncontrollably when they got together. Maybe that is why I always wished I could have a sister. They always have so much fun! But, little did I realize at the time that I could have so much fun with my wonderful sister-in-laws! (Or is it sisters-in-law??:) I am actually partly named after Karen. Kara (from Karen)+ Lyn (My mom's middle name)

Are these girls cute or what?!? Back: Lyndsey, Alece, Marianne Front: Anna and Sarah

This is Grandma Patsy with my mom. She was married to my Grandpa for about eight or nine years before he passed away. She sends birthday cards to all the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren on their birthdays! (I have a hard enough time remembering my own husband and kids birthdays!) Isn't she amazing? We just love her, and feel very blessed to have her in our family.

Two beautiful ladies!

I think they are both pretty tired. Richard is just better at hiding it. :)

Lance and Ryan with their babes, Abram and Katie.

L to R: My cousin Todd Goodsell, and three of my brothers, Lance, Ryan, and Trev.

Here are the siblings left to right: Judy, Karen, Rod, and Dixie. My Uncle Dennis who lives in California was not in attendance. What a cute family! :)