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Mom and Dad's Hawaii Trip

My Mom asked me to post pictures of their recent Hawaii trip since they don't have a blog yet. I suppose she should be the one that makes the comments. But, since I am doing it I guess I will just have to make up my own. This is a picture of the Jeep they drove around while they were there.

I am assuming this is a view from the condo they stayed at. My Mom loves Palm trees.

This looks like a big anchor. My mom informed me that this picture was taken at Pearl Harbor. (I might have known had I ever visited...)

Aren't my parents cute?

Looks like Dad found a pretty lady on the rocks to take a picture of. Oh wait, that's my Mom. :)

This is Yvonne. She used to live down the street from our family growing up. My Mom was her Young Women's president so they got pretty close. She and her family live in Hawaii so my parents were able to visit her. Here she is with her cute little twins.

Here is that pretty lady again.

My parents really deserved this trip. I am so glad they had the opportunity to go. Thanks Mom, for letting me share the pictures with everyone.