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Burt Family Campout

It was time again for the annual Burt Family Reunion held at Heise Hot Springs! Our family looks forward to this every year! Mom and Dad always make it SO MUCH FUN!!! Unfortunately, we had a conflict - our music retreat was only two weeks away at this time so we were totally SWAMPED! This made it impossible for us to camp overnight, but we were able to go on Friday and have a great time with everyone. We were only there for eight hours or so, but I somehow managed to get a TON of pictures! Those eight hours were jam packed with lots of fun stuff to do. So, I will let the pictures do most of the talking...

Mom always plans a fun craft for the girls. This year it was simple, and way cool. I especially liked this design because it hides my toes. (Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT paint or try in any way to make my toenails pretty... Who has time for that anyway???)

Grandma and Granddad Burt joined us that evening for Dad's awesome Dutch Oven dinner.

Dad making that awesome Dutch Oven dinner.

Somehow, Richard managed to get James to take a nap right during all the fun. He sat by the crib and sang primary songs until he drifted off. What a good Daddy.

Cute picture of William

Notice the cookie Marianne is holding. Mom brought up Palm Tree cookies for the kids to frost. She got the cookie cutter in Hawaii on their recent visit.

James and Abram chilling out on Grandma and Granddad's tent trailer steps.

Jared took it upon himself to make sure the boys got some "math lessons" as he put it. Jared claimed that he wasn't teaching them Poker - just a little game called Blackjack. Aren't Uncles just the best!?

Thomas was eating this up. Now, he is constantly asking everyone to play Blackjack wih him.

Here is Richard catching up on some lost sleep from a lot of late nights planning for the music camp.

The girls with Kevin and Amy. She is THE dancing queen!

Great Granddad telling stories of his childhood around the campfire. Grandma also told some touching stories. We treasure these moments.

What a fun day! Thanks Mom and Dad for making this reunion so memorable and fun.