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Boise Trip

On October 9th, (during spud harvest) we decided to take a four-day getaway to Boise and visit family there. Our first night, we stayed in a hotel in Twin Falls. We had a great time swimming in the pool...well, Thomas, Marianne, and I did. The others thought it was too cold, so they soaked in the hot tub instead. When we arrived in Boise the next day, we drove around the city for a while hoping we would find some fun family-friendly thing to do. Since we are not at all familiar with Boise, I thought this might be a little tricky. But, we happened to pass a science discovery center - "hands on". We decided to check it out, and ended up spending a good part of the day there. Of course, the kids had a great time, but even Richard and I discovered many interesting things. We were so busy exploring that I didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few I managed to catch.

Sarah, James, and Marianne spent a good amount of time in the miniature grocery store. I wish we had one of these in our house! So cute!

James checking out an inflatable...thing. Turning the switch would either inflate or deflate it. He was pretty intrigued with this.

Sarah giggled a lot over this one. As you speak in the microphone, you here your voice in the headphones, only it is delayed. She would make silly noises, hear herself, and then laugh and laugh. I think being able to hear herself laugh made her laugh even more. She spent a good amount of time doing this over and over. It was a hoot!

Here are a few pictures taken at Jeff and Nichole's. I feel bad that we didn't get more pictures, but I think I was just enjoying myself so much, I forgot to pull out the camera! The boys had a good time playing on the Wii. Richard also brought his computer and showed the Aldous boys how you can get on the Internet to play the old Super Mario games. So here are our boys playing their Wii, and their boys (Tyson and Dallin) playing Mario on Richard's computer.

James and Sarah playing a little air hockey.

On Saturday, we went to a WWII museum called the Warhawk, I think. This guy in the red sweater made this trip very interesting. He knew about everything in the museum, and took our family on a tour. Thomas was especially soaking it all in. I was actually quite surprised at how interested he was, and how this tour guide was able to hold his attention the whole time. Some of the planes were used in the movie Pearl Harbor. Here are a few pictures of that excursion.

While Thomas and the others were listening to the tour guide, I was just trying to keep these two little hooligans under control. One of the workers offered to let them sit on a plane and have their picture taken. (This particular one is called the Warhawk.) I should have just left them up there the rest of the time - they were very still sitting up so high!

Before we headed home, I managed to snatch Nichole for a picture. Nichole and Jeff provided such great hospitality. We were also able to visit with Sandy (Richard's brother) and Tecia while we were there. We feel so blessed to have such great family. I really love my in-laws! Thanks so much Jeff and Nichole for a fabulous weekend. And to all of you family and friends reading this (all one of you - thanks Mom) you are welcome at our house ANY TIME!