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Thomas' Tag

Side note: I wrote all these in the exact way the kids told me, unless otherwise noted. I did my very best to stay out of it, and I did not tell them what to say.
Thomas is 9 years old.


Five fears


1. Bears.  


2. I am scared of going to Yellowstone because it might explode.


3. Bees


4. Kidnappers (But I can still beat them up.)


5. Power Outs


Five joys


1. Christmas


2. Halloween


3. Airplanes


4. Playing with Jaedon (my best friend)


5. Playing Mario Brothers


Five things I like to do or collect


1. Ride my bike


2. I like to collect rocks


3. Building with Legos


4. I like to collect friends


5. Shoot my Soft Air BB gun


Five Interesting Facts


1. I like math


2. I like to write cursive


3. I love exploring – especially in the forest, like when we go hiking.


4. I want to be a pilot when I grow up.


5. I am a clever kid. (Mom will add to this a little - Thomas has perfect pitch. Neither Richard nor I have this ability, and I personally have ever only known 3 or 4 people who do have it. Does this mean he will love music his whole life and be an awesome musician? Maybe not, but a Mom can dream right? If he doesn’t, and he decides to be a pilot instead – I am totally okay with that. :)