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Sarah and James trying to enjoy whatever semi-good weather they can get in. It was nice to see the wagon being used for it's true purpose.

Richard brought a new, bigger cello home for Thomas one day, and also decided to bring home a little 16th size violin for James to play on. Once Thomas and James started playing, the rest of the kids wanted to join in. William got Thomas' old cello out, and we pulled out the violins for the girls. Thomas and Marianne were really the only ones actually playing anything, and the rest were just "experimenting". So, no it did NOT sound good, but it was fun to watch.

More than any other kid we have ever known, James has really taken to the violin and absolutely LOVES playing it. He HATES having to put it away and will just play the open strings over and over never getting tired of it. Even when his arm starts to wear out, he will figure out a way to keep playing. Once we saw him sitting up at the table and resting his left arm on the end of the table while still playing away. Later, he was lying on his tummy on the floor with the violin out in front of him...still playing.

This particular day, we finally just had to literally pry the violin from his hands and put it away for him. He threw the biggest tantrum on record. He finally calmed down a little, but he still wouldn't let go of the case for a long time.