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James' Birthday

Our baby is 3!!! James' birthday was on October 17th. Here is Daddy giving him a good birthday tickle.

With the help of Amy (our renter), Marianne sewed this little red blanket for James. According to Amy, Marianne pretty much did all the sewing on Amy's sewing machine, herself. Wow! That's more than I could do! Way to go Marianne! (I definitely think she is taking after her Grandma Dixie!) About a month ago Marianne came home from Achievement Days holding a pillow she had sewed and yelled out, "Mom, I learned how to sew today!" Thomas immediately got excited and said, "Oh Good! Now you can sew the badges on my scout shirt!" He was totally serious. Have I completely failed or what?!?

James got a Cars puzzle, and loved putting it together. He did it with almost no help. I discovered his fascination for puzzles when I would catch him putting together the girls' Strawberry Shortcake puzzle. I decided it would be good for him to have his very own puzzle with a more boyish theme.

Opening presents.

Richard's parents and my Dad were out of town, but we were glad Grandma Dixie could make it. Isn't she pretty?

Okay, so I have to explain the cake. I got this cool can in which you can just press the spout and out comes the frosting in which to write on the cake. However, I don't possess the same talent that those in the Albertson's bakery have. (I ALMOST got an Albertson's cake, but Richard talked me out of it!) So, I made a couple unsuccessful attempts and was beginnning to feel a little frustrated. (To say the least.) Richard, however, decided to come to my rescue, so he pushed me aside and said, "Let me do it". I have to admit, there was probably a time in my life when I would have said "No way!" and although I hesitated at first, I decided I just wasn't going to care, and TA DA! Here you have it. First try and everything. Just like Albertson's wouldn't you say??? Okay, maybe not quite, but James didn't care anyway.

Blowing/spitting out the candles.