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Marianne's Tag

Marianne is 8 years old.

1. Cave men


2. Polar bears


3. Heights. This past summer we went to a ward party, and someone had a rock wall, and we got to climb it. I thought it would be fun at first, but I was very, very shaky. It was a little bit scary, but I climbed to the top anyway.

4. Pointy things. They give me the shivers.


5. A big crack in the earth.


Five joys

1. Cheese nachos


2. Mommy and Daddy


3. Doughnuts


4. Money


5. Mom’s funny face


Five things I like to do or collect.

1. Climbing


2. I collect glass pebbles


3. Swimming


4. Swinging and jumping off


5. Monkey Bars


Five interesting facts

1. I like mustard


2. I can ride my bike without my hands for a few seconds.


3. I can stand on my hands for five seconds, and I haven’t learned gymnastics.

4. I had a hard time thinking of anything else, but my Dad says, “Marianne is observant and helpful, and she notice’s other people’s needs and attends to them.”
5. Mom says, “Marianne takes after Grandma Dixie. She is creative and enjoys sewing and decorating like Grandma. She is also a perfectionist like Grandma.”