EZ-PhotoAlbum, A Quick Start Guide
Sample of Album list page
2. Creating your First Album
In this step you will first create an empty album, giving it a title. For now, we will not worry about any of the other options because they are not required to create an album. In fact, even the title is not needed.
From the Construction Tools, click on the EZ-Photo Album link. You will see an empty list of photo albums. Once you have added your albums, the list will be much more interesting. (The graphic at the top of this page is an example of the Album list.)
EZ-Photo Album Link
Click on the “Create Album.” You will see information that will describe your album. For right now you will use the default values, except one.
In the box next to “Album Title” type in any title you want, such as “My First Online Photo Album.” This is the second value you can enter.
Add the title for the album
Click the submit button. You will now return to the list of albums that will now include the album you just created in the list.
Part 3 - Uploading your Photos