EZ-PhotoAlbum, A Quick Start Guide
5. Linking to your album, Letting Others View Your Album.
Now that you have your album created, you will want others to view them. Since, EZ-NetTools® are always online, you simply need to know the address to view them. There are several ways to do this.
Creating a Link using EZ-PageBuilder. Linking to an album using EZ-PageBuilder is a snap. Any Page Builder block that has a link (like Title, Graphic block, Button Bar, etc), can be linked to an album by using the Browse Button.
In the bottom third of the Browse window, select the file type of EZ-PhotoAlbum. Then you will only see the files associated with the photo album.
Select EZ-PhotoAlbum file types
Click on the EZ-PhotoAlbum directory. You will see a list of all your albums.
List of albums in EZ-Browse
List of Albums
Click on the album you want to link to. You should see only one html page called “index.html”
Select the index.html page of album
Click on the “index.html” to select the Thumbnail page to the directory.
Click open. You have now created a link to the Thumbnail page of the directory.
Direct address or URL. You or anyone you wish can link directly to your album pages by typing in the address or URL in the address bar of the browser. This can be a handy way to direct people to the album by just typing in this address into an email. Then people can link directly to the album from the email.
The way to find out the address (URL) is to put your mouse over the album name in the album list. As your cursor pauses for a few secords over the album name, the path will be display in a small window. Write down this entire path. Unfortunately, the window may disappear after a few minutes. You may have to hover the mouse over the album name several times. After you do this a few times, you will notice that only the last characters changes. That address will look something like this: http://abc.eznettools.com/eznetu/EZ-PhotoAlbum/Album01/.
Hover mouse to display URL
Using the All Albums Page. In addition to the pages created for each album, there is a page created by the system that lists and links to each album. For some account types this will be the best way to link to and show your album, especially those whose account does not include EZ-PageBuilder. The "All Albums" page will display the first thumbnail, the title, and the first part of the description of the each album. See the example below.
To create a link to the "All Albums" page, use the EZ-PhotoAlbum filter in the Browse window. Navigate until you get to the EZ-PhotoAlbum folder that lists the album folders. You will also see an "index.html" page in this folder. That is the "All Albums" page.
If you only have the EZ-PhotoAlbum tool, you can still create a link to the All Albums page. First, check to make sure that you home page does not already have a link to this page. If you want to go to the All Album page directly from the browser URL, type in your domain name and append "EZ-PhotoAlbum/." For example, "www.mydomainname.com/EZ-PhotoAlbum/" (substitute you domain name for the words "mydomainname")will take you to the All Album page. If you do not have a domain name, then you need to use your subdomain name that you chose when you first set up your account. In this case you would use the following URL, "abc.eznettools.com/mysubdomain/EZ-PhotoAlbum/", substituting your subdomain name for the words "mysubdomain." If you still have questions, contact EZ-NetTools technical support.
Part 6 - Conclusion