EZ-PhotoAlbum, A Quick Start Guide
List of Photos in album
3. Adding Photos to your Album
Once you have created an album, your next step is add photos to the empty album. This process is also called “uploading” your files from your PC to the web site.
Click on the “Upload” button, which will take you to the File Upload page.
Make sure the album you just created is selected in the second field, “Files will be uploaded to:”
Select Album to recieve photos
In the bottom half of the File Upload page, select the files from your computer you wish to upload. Click the “Browse...” button to display a list of files on your computer. Click on the file you want to upload. Continue selecting files until you have selected five files or less.
Selecting files to be uploaded
Click the “Upload” button on the bottom of the page. You will see a summary of statistics about the files just uploaded.
If you want to upload more photos, click “Upload More Files” and repeat the above step until you have uploaded all the files you want. When you are done click “Close.” You will be returned to the list of albums. Note: You can always add more photos later.
CONGRATULATIONS! You have just created your first online Photo Album. The system will create all the web pages of the album.
While you do not have to, you can see a list of the files by clicking on the album name in the “All Albums” list.
List of Photos in album

Part 4 - Viewing Your Album