EZ-PhotoAlbum, A Quick Start Guide
4. Viewing Your Album Three Different Ways
When you uploaded the photos in the previous step, the system automatically generated three types of web pages. First, a page with thumbnail photos is created; second, a separate web page for each photo; and third, a slide show page. Let’s see what they look like.
From the album list click on the “Preview” link to the far right of the album title.
Preview an album
You will be taken to the page containing all the thumbnails. Note, the very first time you load this page, it will take a while for the page to display because EZ-PhotoAlbum is actually creating the thumbnails for the first time. After the first time, the page will display much quicker.
Image of Thumbnail Page
View 1 - Thumbnail Page
Click on any thumbnail or file name. You will be taken to a page that will display the photo at it’s original size. If your photo is very large, you might want to consider resizing the photo before you upload it the next time. Click here for a short course on preparing photos for the web.

View 2 - Page of Each Photo
Lets view the photos sequentially. Click on the blue arrow in the navigation bar to take you to the next photo in sequence.
Click on the “Thumbnail” link to return to the thumbnail page.
Click on the “View Slide Show” link to go to the slide show page. This page may take a while before it is completely loaded.

View 3 - Slide Show
Click on the blue, right arrow button to start the slide show.
When you are done playing around with your new toy, click on the “Close Window” button at the top to return to the list of albums. Note: the top part of these pages will not be displayed when you link directly to the page. The top bar is only seen when you preview an album.
Part 5 - Linking to your Album