EZ-PhotoAlbum, A Quick Start Guide
6. Conclusion
Once you have created one album with EZ-Photo Album, you will find yourself anxious to build another. We did. You will also want to take advantage of some of the other features such as adding titles and descriptions or changing the number rows and columns on the thumbnail page. You can learn more by experimenting, reading the associated help text, or taking the more advanced course on EZ-NetU.
Advance Photo Album Course
You will also quickly realize that you need to have more control over the size of your photos. If you resize and optimize your photos, you will get the following benefits:
  • uploading of photos will go faster,
  • your album pages will load faster, and
  • your album pages will look better.
You can easily learn to do this. You probably already have the software you need if you have purchased a digital camera or a scanner, or have had your film processed and put on a CD. The following on-line course will explain how to prepare your photos.
Preparing Photos for the Web
We designed EZ-PhotoAlbum because we have a lot of photos we like to display on the internet. We had a lot of fun designing and programming this product. We are sure you will too.
Part 7. Sample Photo Albums