Using EZ-PageManager For Improved Seach Engine Optimization

EZ-PageManager is the culmination of several months of work for EZ-NetTools. We've combined the tools from EZ-SiteMap, Page Options, Meta Tags, and EZ-PageBuilder to create one central location where you can go to manage all of the pages on your website. With all these tools combined as one, you can save hours of work and frustration.

When you're working on a small website with only a few pages, managing those pages is pretty easy. When you start to add more pages, however, it gets more and more difficult to manage. It's really easy to get overwhelmed and make frequent errors.

EZ-PageManager focuses mainly on the elements of your pages that are easily overlooked. Specifically, it displays the meta tags, sitemap information, and robot instructions. These settings are used by internet search engines to put your website into their search index, which makes them one of the most important elements of your website.

Before EZ-PageManager, it would take countless hours to go through your website looking for and repairing errors with these important parts of your website. Updating these pages with just EZ-PageBuilder can take minutes for each page.  For web sites have hundreds of pages this can be a daunting task. Now you can work on all pages for the entire website quickly with EZ-PageManager. Within just a few seconds you can check every page on your website for errors. Then in a few more seconds you can fix those errors and be done.

Section 2 - Background Information
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