Using EZ-PageManager For Improved Seach Engine Optimization

Background Information
EZ-PageManager helps you manage your the pages on your web site using the page title, meta tags, and site map information. Before you can continue, you need to know what these are and how to use them effectively.

What is the page title?
A title on a web page is basically just a few words that identify the web page. This page title is not one that appears at the top of the page. Instead, users will only see this title in the title-bar of their web browser and above the page description when your site appears on their search results. A simple title should include your website title as well as the current page's title. For search engine optimization, it's always a good idea to include as many keywords in your title as you can.  The words used in the title have, word for word, the greatest impact on your search engine ranking.

What are meta tags?
Meta tags are pieces of information inserted into the code of a web page. This information is not seen by those viewing your web page. Meta information is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with. Instead, search engine companies like Google and MSN have computers they call "robots" or "spiders" that browse the internet searching for new websites to include in their search indexes. When a search engine robot finds your website, it reads the meta tags and then uses that information to index your website in such a way that users will be able to find it.

EZ-PageManager helps you work specifically with 3 types of meta tags.
  1. Keywords - A series of words or short statements that represent the content of the web page. The keywords will often be used by search engines to index the web site along with the Title and Description.
  2. Description - A brief statement about the content of the web page. The description is often presented to the user along with the title as the result of a search.
  3. Robot Instructions - Instructions for search engine robots/spiders pertaining to the web page and referenced pages. Valid values for the robot meta tag are:
    1. index - Instructs the search engine to include this page in the index.
    2. noindex - Instructs the search engine not to index the web page.
    3. follow - Instructs the search engine to follow links on the page.
    4. nofollow - Instructs the search engine not to follow links on the page and not to index the linked pages.

What is a site map?
A site map is a list of the pages in your web site. It is used by search engines so that the search engine knows where all of your pages are and how to index them. Currently only the four following pieces of information about each page are cataloged in the site map.
  • The URL to the web page (this is the address you need in your web browser.)
  • The date the page was last modified
  • How often the page is updated
  • The relative priority of this page to the entire web site.
Section 3 - Key Elements
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