Using EZ-PageManager For Improved Seach Engine Optimization

1. EZ-SiteMap Overrides
In listing site map information, EZ-PageManager does not take into account changes made in the EZ-SiteMap Overrides File. If you have manually added, removed, or modified a sitemap entry using EZSitemapOverrides.txt, you will not see those changes in EZ-PageManager.

2. EZ-PageManager Doesn't Do it All
While EZ-PageManager does help you to optimize your website in many ways, it doesn't do it all. There are many important things that EZ-PageManager does not do for search engine optimization. Some of the most important elements of search engine optimization are:
  1. The quality of the words on the page
  2. The frequency of those quality words on the page
  3. The words and labels associated with links and images on the page
  4. The quality and quantity of other websites that link to your website
Unfortunately, EZ-PageManager does not help you with these aspects of optimization.
EZ-PageManager will help you in more ways than one. It helps you find the errors and mistakes on your website easier because it brings the information from all of your pages into one central location. When all the information is brought together, you can quickly scan the information and pick out the errors. EZ-PageManager also helps you save time. You can save hours of work if you can easily see which pages are complete and which are not. If you've have many pages, you need EZ-PageManager! We highly recommend you take advantage of this invaluable resource, and begin using EZ-PageManager on your web site today!
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