EZ-NetU Upcoming Telephone Seminars - Outlines Below
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1.  Basic Pagebuilder Training
    A. Interface
    B. Opening
    C. Saving
    D. Exiting
    E. Editing
    F. Preview
    G. Error Control
    H. Block options

2. Ez-filemanager/upload
   A. Create folders/organize
   B. Upload
   C. Move/Copy/Rename/Delete
   D. Preview
   E. Text Editor
   F. Password Protection/user management

3.  Layout Managers
    A. Uses
        1. Position graphics and content in specific parts of the page.
        2. Background images for blocks that do not have the capability.
        3. Set width limits for blocks.
        4. Have blocks set in columns or rows.
        5. Setup headers with additional blocks over header graphic.
             a. Clocks.
             b. Titles.
             c. Pictures.
             e. Buttons.          
        6. Grouping items to be mirrored like header, footer, and sidebar.
   B. Setup
         1. Build a template page
         2. Setup options
4. Mirror blocks
    A. Create Mirror Page
    B. Add mirror block
         1. Select mirror page
         2. Select blocks to mirror
         3. Duplicate from the page with mirror blocks

5. Advanced text block
   A. Text/color/font/size
   B. Tables
   C. Images
   D. Audio/video
   E. Links/bookmarks
6. Buttons/navigation
    A. Button builder
    B. Button Bar
    C. Top navigation/Side bar/Footer
    D. Global Links
7. Prepare Graphics for Web
   A. Download Gimp/graphics program
   B. Open image
   C. Resize/crop
   D. Optimize/export jpg
   E. Upload
8. Forms
   A. Information request form setup
   B. Custom Form setup with ez-formbuilder blocks
   C. Secure/payment forms
   D. Retreive forms/emails

9. Audio setup
    A. Audio Format
    B. Advanced Text block
    C. Html Block

10. Video setup
    A. Advanced Text Block
    B. Scale/format
11. Site Search
   A. Add site search block
   B. Mirror
12. Pagemanager Training
   A. Title
   B. Description
   C. Keywords
   D. Sorting
   E. Ranking
   F. Robots.txt
   G. Page Options
13. Sitemap Training
   A. How to view/link
   B. Ezsitemap overrides
   C. Submitting sitemap
14. Password Protect Pages
   A. Create folder/lock
   B. Build pages in folder or move
   C. Add users
   D. Link to or create login
   E. Automatic User Setup Form
15. Catalog Setup-Categories
   A. Create Category
   B. Link Category
   C. Hide from navigation
   D. Custom Sort
   E. Header and footer html/purpose
16. Catalog Setup-Products
   A. Create Product
   B. Link image
   C. Set Product Options
   D. Custom Sort
   E. Link Product
   F. Optional-Html link/audio/video

17. Catalog Setup-Shipping
   A. Flat rate shipping
   B. UPS Calculator
   C. Basic Shipping
   D. Advanced Shipping
18. Catalog Setup-Coupons/Taxes/Payment Options
   A. Setup coupons
   B. Setup Taxes
   C. Payment methods
19. Catalog Setup-Configuring
   A. Design
   B. Layouts
   C. Currency/weight
   D. Category/Product views
   E. Catalog Search
20. Bulletin Board Training
   A. Create Categories
   B. Create Threads/Topics
   C.Link to Bulletin board
   D. Edit/Maintain
   E. Optional-Embed in Iframe to password protect
   F. Optional-Add/Remove from Sitemap
21. Mailling List Training
   A. Setup page/blocks
   B. Add in mail list contacts/How to Maintain
   C. Create interest groups
   D. Create email
   E. How to read report for advanced send/remove bad emails
22. Directory Training
   A. Build Directory Page/Blocks
   B. Add in listings to the Directory/How to Maintain
   C. Optional-Import/export

23. Affiliate Training
   A. Build Affiliate Page/blocks
   B. Add in Affiliates to Affiliate Directory/How to Maintain
   C. Link code to Track Affiliates
   D. Optional-Hidden Catlalog for Affiliates or Wholesale-not covered unless asked about
   E. Optional-Import/Export
24. Email Setup
   A. Create email
   B. Set Password
   C. Online mail setup
   D. Pop3 Setup/retrieve email account info
25. CSS/Ez-TextEditor
   A. Creat CSS file
   B. Link CSS file in page options
   C. Add CSS to fields in blocks
26.Rss Training
   A. Download Template file
   B. How to modify
   C. Address Bar Icon Code
   D. Using readers
   E. Optional-Using update readers on site-Requires php and possible I-frame
27. Photo Album
   A. Create Album
   B. Upload photos
   C. Link albums to site

28. Flash Photo Album
   A. Upload photos
   B. Edit xml file
   C. Put Flash player on site
29. dropdown menus
   A. java script drop down menus
   B. Upload photos
   C. Editing the code
30. Wordpress training

31. Crafty Syntax Chat Training

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