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Section 6 - The EZSitemap Overrides File
The EZSitemapOverride.txt file allows you to specify web pages that should be excluded or added in the site map.  For example you may have a template page, pages with blocks that are mirrored,  or older versions of web pages that you want to archive but do not want  indexed.  The entries in the over ride file give you this flexibility.  You can specify individual files or groups of files.  Described below are the entries for each line of the file.

  • Each line in the start must start with either a “+” for adding a page or a “-“ for removing a page from the site map.
  • Next is the URL (address) to the page, relative to the home folder.  Always begin the address with a “/”.  A wild card parameter (*) is available for specifying multiple pages at a time or an entire folder of pages.
  • If you are adding pages, you can also specify additional parameters in the following order, separated by commas.  These parameters are optional.  If none are specified, the defaults will be used.
    • The page priority can be a value between 0.0 and 1.0, with 1.0 indicating a higher priority.
    • Change frequency.  Valid values are always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never.
    • The date the page was last modified in the following format, YYYY-MM-DD.

Below are several sample entries

Do not list this old file
Do not list any page in the test folder that begins with “temp”
+/guarantee.html,1.0,always,2006-12-25add the file guarantee.html
+/alumni/*add all of the pages in the alumni folder
# this is a comment
This line is ignored

The following link will take you to a sample file,

You have two ways to create an EZSitempaOverrides.txt into your home directory.  First, you can create the file using EZTextEditor as explained below.  Second, you can create the file on your personal computer and upload the file to your home directory.   Remember that the EZSitemapOverrides.txt  file must be in your home directory and capitalization is important.

Note: The EZSiteMap program will not index pages in password protected folders.  Therefore, you do not need to put an entry in your EZSitemapOverrides file to exclude them.
Section 7 - The Robots.txt File

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