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Grandpa Ferguson's 80th Birthday

Richard's Dad turned 80 on April 23rd, but his children (when I say children, I mean daughters) planned and prepared a birthday bash for him on the 26th. They did a fabulous job, and we had a great time with everyone who could make it. This is a picture of most of the group. I couldn't fit everyone in my camera. Ten of his 14 children and their families were there, plus Dallas and Shelly, two of his siblings.
I feel bad because I didn't get a picture of everybody, and some of the pictures I took didn't turn out for some reason or another. However, I did see Beck taking pictures so hopefully, between the two of us there are some good pictures of everyone.

Richard's brother Mark and his wife Dalene and their children live in Indiana, so they were unable to attend. However, their daughter Rachel, and her husband Bryan, were there to represent them. They are currently attending BYU-I and babysit for us quite often. Here they are with Thomas.

James found these great appetizer's on the tables (Hershey Kisses) and basically couldn't quit eating them. He knows what's good.

Two of Richard's brothers. (Can you tell?) Travis on the left, and Scott.

This is Richard's brother Phil, with his granddaughter Abby. Isn't this a sweet picture?

Here is the birthday boy sitting next to his sister, Shelly.

Grandpa Ferguson's brother Dallas, and Grandma Ferguson.

Sarah, giving me a cheesy grin. She has a very unique smile - unlike anyone in the family.

You can always expect to get a hug from Marianne, even when it's not your birthday!

One of Richard's all-time most favorite things to do is sit around with his siblings and reminisce about their childhood. I have to admit, it is very entertaining. I think there are enough stories to fill a pretty good-sized book. Listening to Travis' story from left to right are: Sandy, Becky, Richard, Nichole, and Scott.

Of course, you can't have a birthday bash for Grandpa without a talent show! However, the only picture I got was this one of Richard. He played everyone's two favorites, Orange Blossom Special and Meditation. Georgann, Melissa, and some grandchildren also participated, and they were all wonderful!

L to R: Travis, Britan, and Austin