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Marianne's 8th Birthday

When you spend a good amount of time on a cake that turned out this cute, you have to get a couple pictures of it before the two-year-old finds it. Luckily, that didn't happen, but you just have to play it safe. (Thanks to Betty Crocker for the idea!)

Marianne turned eight on April 9, so we had a little party with grandparents that evening. Here she is opening presents with James. (I love his little tummy poking out. For some reason, this is so cute...on babies! :)

Blowing out the candles!

Grandma Ferguson

Sarah with Grandma Dixie

Amy also came up to join in the fun. Here she is with William.

Marianne wanted to have a little party with some friends at school, so we did that the saturday following her birthday. Brian and Natalie happened to be in town again, so we were lucky enough to have Sage and Annie join us! Natalie took these fun pictures for me.

The girls at the party were, Annie and Sage Ashton, Elise Fox, and Amy Mortimer. Sarah also joined in the fun and Thomas was our little helper. Luckily, James was down for a nap and William was at a friends house.

Since we have been slackers and have not yet made journal pages for Marianne on down, I figure this would be a good opportunity to write a little bit about her. Knowing us, it could be a year or two before we will get around to finishing those journals...

Marianne is currently in the second grade, and her teacher is Mrs. Andrus. She enjoys and is good at many things, some of which include: riding her bike, camping, reading, writing stories, violin, piano, and ballet. She is a very good friend and sensitive to the feelings of others. She has become very helpful around the house, and constantly gives hugs! Her natural cheerfulness and cute dimples often brighten our day. Everything she does, she does well. We are so blessed to have Marianne in our home, and we hope she knows how much we love her!