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Family Quirks

I suppose every family has their little quirks, but I thought it might be fun to showcase a few of ours. Since the new year, our church time has been 2:00. Some might say this is a terrible time of day to go to church, but we have actually been enjoying it. Why? We get to spend the morning watching Little House on the Prairie episodes! As far as good, wholesome Sunday activities go, this has got to be right up their with reading scriptures. Okay, I am not sure, but Richard and I can hardly get through an episode with dry eyes. (We are not only nerds, but babies too! Who knew???)

This picture of James was taken in February on the day of the temple open house. James has recently had an extreme obsession with the temple. He loves to just stare at pictures of the temple while I sing "I Love to See the Temple" to him over and over. Since the pictures of the temple are hanging on the wall, I have to hold him so he can see them good. At first he would just listen intently, and when I finally got tired of singing it after the fifth or so time, I would try to put him down. Then, he would proceed to throw a fit, and point while crying, "Tempo! Tempo song!" After listening to me sing it so many times, he now has it learned himself. We are still trying to get one line straight, however. Instead of singing, "For the temple is a house of God", he seems to think it should be, "For the temple is a house of dog." We'll have to keep working on that one.

Here is a typical evening at the Ferguson Family home. If you currently do not have children, but are considering having them in the future, you may want to refrain from watching this.

(We are trying to figure out our will. Anyone want to volunteer to take our kids if we happen to die?)