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Marianne's Opera

Marianne's second grade class was able to put on an opera of their own making this month. The students in the class made up the story, words, and music. They also made the background and all the decorations. It is a program called Opera by Children. They named their opera, Princess Problems. And, just like a real opera, they pretty much sing the whole story. It is neat to see what these little, creative minds can come up with!

Marianne was a red flower. The flowers were the narrators.

Marianne is great at posing for pictures!

I also took some pictures of a few cute audience members. We had a hard time getting James to smile so...

...Daddy decided to help him!

Grandma Dixie and Sarah, waiting for the opera to start.

Marianne, James, and Sarah after the opera. Marianne did a wonderful job and sang so well! Way to go, Marianne!