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Our Tenth Anniversary

March 7, 2008

Our Story...
By KaraLyn, for Richard
So here we are. It has been ten years, and I still can’t believe it! If I would have known the challenges and trials that we were going to face ten years ago, I wonder if I would have changed my mind about getting married… But then, when I look back at all the overwhelmingly rewarding experiences and blessings that came with all those trials, I realize I wouldn’t change it one bit. I am happier now then I ever could have imagined back then. It really does just get better, even with kids, believe it or not!


Its funny that for the first year of marriage we were constantly telling people how we met and the whole engagement story etc. It seems there were one or two people who were actually even interested. But, I have found that for the past nine years we haven’t told it much, So, I am going to test myself and see what I can still remember ten years later. Although Richard, time and time again, proves he has the better memory, I think I can pull this off. (Of course, I may have to skip many of the important details…) So, here goes a quick recap from ten years ago…


Richard returned home from his mission on November 7, 1997. His parents were serving a mission in Japan at the time, so his brother, Scott, picked him up from the airport. On the way home, Scott told Richard he found someone he should marry. Her name is KaraLyn Burt he said. Richard remembered me from high school and thought, No way! She is too young and nerdy.” Scott only knew who I was because I happened to be taking a religion class from him that semester.

A day or too later, I ran into Richard in the Snow building at BYU-Idaho (then Ricks College) after a concert. During this concert, I was sitting next to a music nerd (Apparently, like myself.) who was always asking me out. And, on the other side of me sat my old boyfriend who wanted to somehow still make things work out. It was a little awkward to say the least, and boy was I relieved when the concert finally ended! Afterwards, when we all ran into Richard, my old boyfriend greeted him with a hug. (They knew each other in high school.)

Within a day or two, Richard and I were put as stand partners in the Chamber Orchestra, and as they say, the rest is history! On December 4, 1997, Richard finally got the courage to ask me out on our first date. In late January 1998, we got engaged, and we were married not a minute too soon on March 7, 1998. (Four months exactly from the day he came home from his mission.) There were many who were somewhat skeptical as to how quickly this all came about. Well, for being so quick, it makes for a really long story that I will not get into. Needless to say, it was right. I knew it, and Richard knew it… that is, as soon as he said yes at the altar in the Idaho Falls Temple. J Once Richard came to the understanding that I had made up my mind and there was no turning back, he realized there was no reason to prolong our eternal partnership. As my dad puts it (nicely) “Drink, or step away from the fountain!” We did, and our lives have been a rollercoaster ever since. A good one, of course.


Approximately nine months after we got married, a little package arrived. We named him Thomas. These little packages seemed to just keep coming every couple of years, but each one was so unique and wonderful! Our children have been our greatest joys! (And at times, our greatest frustrations, but to keep this on a positive note I wont get into that.) Can I just say, (And I think any parent reading this will agree) children are the best teachers! I have learned so much from my children! But, with all they have taught me, one thing I have really come to know, is that I still have so much to learn! They keep me humble. When I was first married, I remember thinking I knew everything and was ready for anything. I mean, I did take two child development classes. I honestly didnt think there could be that much more to it. (Ha! Ha!) But, I wouldnt trade the experiences (good or bad) for anything. Although we have had to make sacrifices along they way, the blessings that have come have far exceeded these sacrifices.
Ten years and five kids later...

We have probably looked at our wedding pictures once since we got them, and then we put them away and forgot all about them for the past ten years. I know these pictures weren't cheap, so I thought we'd better try to get our money's worth out of them.

I love this picture of me and my mom. Can I just say, she was amazing! (And still is for that matter.) I don't know if I will ever be able to fully appreciate all that she did to make our wedding day absolutely perfect! Thanks mom! I love you!

With my Grandma and Granddad Burt.

Look at all the family and friends who were willing to stand in the cold for pictures, just for us! We will always remember this day. (And the hat that Phil wore...)

My Dad is so awesome! When I think of my Dad, I think of Saturday morning breakfast's at JB's, late nights trying to help me understand math, Father/Daughter campouts... and the list goes on. I don't know what I did in the pre-existence to be so deserving of such a great family, but it must have been good.

Richard with his parents. When I first met them, they had just come home from a mission in Japan. I basically said, "Hi! Good to meet you. Which engagement picture do you like best?" They were so accepting of me, and I will be forever grateful for all they have done for us. Thank you Mom and Dad!

This is Richard's least favorite picture, which is why posted it! I think this was the first time he ever clicked his heels, and most likely, the last. Something we definitely don't want to forget!