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Easter was March 23rd this year. On the 22nd, we had a great time with Natalie Ashton and her kids coloring and hunting for Easter eggs. For some reason, I took a ton of pictures! I had a hard time trying to decide which ones to leave off, but when you have nine kids and you are trying to get all of them...I guess it just takes a lot of pictures!

Sage and Marianne

By the time I pulled out my camera, Josh (Kevin and Melissa's boy) was already finished coloring his eggs! He is by far the fastest egg-colorer I have ever seen! I think he finished four (all blue) in the time that the other kids colored one! We were glad to have Josh join us for the egg-coloring.

Annie and Sarah

I didn't bother to comb anyone's hair, as you can tell from this picture of Thomas and William!

The girls showing off their works of art!

Here are pictures of the Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, my prediction came true. There was at least two feet of snow in the yard, so we had to hunt for eggs in the house! Luckily, the kids didn't mind. They don't care how they get candy, as long as they get it, right?

James and Brigham were hilarious during the hunt. They didn't really get the whole "search for eggs" thing, so Natalie and I helped them and once they got one egg, they just opened it right up and started eating. They were as happy and content as could be!

I absolutely love this picture of Marianne and Sage. For about 20 minutes after the hunt, this is basically how all the kids looked. I remember when I was little, my mom would let us eat a treat from our baskets here and there, and then she would put them up and we would have to wait a day before we could have any more. I say, just get it all over with at once! Boy, did they!

Isn't this a cute picture of Natalie?! This one is for you Brian! :) Natalie is an awesome mom! She is such a wonderful example to me, and I feel very blessed to have her as a friend.

Sarah and William

I was pretty exhausted by the time this day was over, and I am sure Natalie was too! Richard and Brian were not around becasue they were off starting a new orchestra. It is called the Yellowstone Chamber Orchestra, and this day happend to be the day of their first rehearsal. They have hand-picked talented youth from all over (Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Star Valley, Pocatello, etc.) to form this orchestra. They plan to have performances all over. Richard has been working pretty hard on the web site at