Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly with EZ-SITEMAP

Section 3 - How EZ-NetTools Implements the Site Maps
There are a number of online programs that will prepare a site map for you.  These programs create a file on your PC.  Then you upload this file to your EZ-NetTools account.  The problem is keeping the file current.  Every time you modify or add or delete a page to your web site, you must recreate and upload an updated site map.  EZ-SiteMap is designed to automatically update your site map to reflect changes to your web pages.

In fact, you do not have to do anything to create your site map.  If you want to see your site map just type your domain name followed by /ezsitemap.xml into your web browser.  The example below will show you the site map for

However, it is very likely that you will want to make some revisions to the vanilla version of your site map file.  As you scan your site map you are likely to find web pages that you do not want included or information to be changed.   EZ-NetTools has several programs that will help you create and customize your site map.  They are:

  • EZSiteMap, a program that creates the site map,
  • New options in EZ-Pagebuilder, Page Options, that give instructions to the EZSiteMap program.
  • EZSitemapOverides.txt, a file that the EZSiteMap programs uses to know which pages to add or to exclude from the site map.
  • Robots.txt, an internet standard file used to tell the search engines where to find your site map.
  • EZTextEditor, a tool that allows you to create and edit text files such as EZSitemapOverrides.txt and robots.txt

Now we will explain each of these in more detail.
Section 4 -The EZSiteMap Program
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