Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly with EZ-SITEMAP

Section 4 - The EZSiteMap Program
The EZSiteMap program creates an XML file in the standard format the major search engines require.  The file that our program creates is called ezsitemap.xml.  The program uses the data entered in the EZ-PageBuilder, the Page Options and the EZSitemapOverrides.txt file to generate this file.  This program will also read and include HTML files not created by EZ-Pagebuilder.  In order to make sure that the information about your web pages is always current, the ezsitemap.xml file is created every time the search engines try to read it.  After the file is used by the search engine, it is deleted.  For this reason, you cannot edit the file directly.  If you want to modify the data in the site map file you must use either the Page Options or the EZSitemapOverrides.txt file.

The EZSiteMap programs assigns default values for the page priority and update frequency.  The defaults priority is .5 and update frequency is “monthly.”   Pages with the following names will automatically be given a higher priority:

  • index.html    1.0
  • home.html    0.9

Pages with these words anywhere in their name will be given the following priorities:

  • service    0.8
  • product    0.8
  • about        0.8
  • catalog    0.7
  • faq        0.7
  • policy        0.6
  • gallery        0.6
  • photo        0.6

By default, the EZSiteMap program will index pages created by EZ-PageBuilder, EZ-Catalog, EZ-Directory, EZ-Bulletboard, etc.
Section 5 -New EZ-PageBuilder options
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