Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly with EZ-SITEMAP

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There are two different and valid definitions of the term “site map” Which one is this course about?
 A special page like a table of contents of Content
 A filethat search engine “bots” read
 A map indicating where treasure is buried.
 None of the above.
What are the two ways that you can tell search engines the name and location of your site map
 Send an email to EZ-Nettools tech support.
 Submit to each search engine individually.
 Telephone Bill Gates with the information
 Use a “robots.txt” file
Does using a site map guarantee that you web site will be indexed on the first result page of a search engine query.
 Do not know
There are two way to maintain the Page Options that include the site map information. What are they?
 Search Engine link in Web Promotion.
 The Page Options within EZ-PageBuilder
 The Page Options link in EZ-PageManager.
Can search engines find your site map if you do not contact them individually and directly.
 Do not know
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