Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly with EZ-SITEMAP

Section 8 - Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines
Prior to the Spring of 2007, the only way to notify the search engines about your site map was to create an account with each search engine and submit the name of the site map file per their system.  This may still be a good idea because there are other benefits to having such an account and working with the search engines.  Each search engine will have a slightly different process for specifying your site map.   When you submit your site map to the search engines you must specify the URL (address) of the site map using one of three following URL formats.  Below are samples of each of the three address you can use to specify the address to your site map.  Be sure to substitute your information when you do this.  If you have a domain name, the first one is much preferred over the others.  The second option uses your subdomain name.  The third option uses your member account number.

Note: the search engines will accept site maps with different names.  EZ-SiteMap will only create sites maps named ezsitemap.xml.
Section 9 - Conclusion
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