Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly with EZ-SITEMAP

Section 7 - Communicating with the Search Engines with The Robots.txt File
In the Spring of 2007, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask announced that their “bots” would read the robots.txt file to determine if a web site has a site map.  This was an important announcement.  Prior to announcement, you had to specifically tell each search engine the name of your site map file.  With this new process, all of the participating search engines  use the same site map file and will discover it by themselves.  To learn more about the robots.txt file visit  Below is a sample of the line you would put in your robots.txt file.

You should substitute you domain name in the line.  To see a real robots.txt file click on this link,

You have two ways to get a robots.txt file into your home directory.  First, you can create the file using EZTextEditor as explained below.  Second, you can create the file on your personal computer and upload the file to your home directory.

While you do not have to use the robots.txt file to use a sitemap file, it is a simple and easy way to inform the search engines about your site map without you having to contact each search engine separately.

Using EZTextEditor to create and modify text files.

EZTextEditor is a tool you can use to create and edit you EZSitemapOverrides.txt and robots.txt files that are described above.  In fact, you can use this tool to edit any text file in your web site such CSS files, etc.  Click here to learn more about this tool.
Section 8 - Submitting Your Site Map to the Search Engines
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