Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly with EZ-SITEMAP

Section 5 - Page Options in EZ-Pagebuilder
There are several new choices in the Page Options section of EZ-PageBuilder that allows you to change the default values for priority and change frequency.  You can also specify whether you want the page to be excluded from the site map.  The default option is to be included in the site map.  The graphic below shows this section of the page options.

You can edit the following options in EZ-Pagebuilder that will affect the ez-sitemap for your web site.

Include.  You indicate with a check mark whether to include this page in your site map.  The default it checked.  By unchecking this option, the site map will not include this page.  Note: you can also use the EZSitemapOverrides.txt file described below to exclude a page or a group of pages.

Priority. You indicate your priority for this page.  The default is varies depending on the page name as specified above.

Change Frequency: you indicate how often the data on this page is changed.

At this point in time (2007) the search engines have not indicated how they will use this information.  We can only make the assumption that we can influence to a degree which pages to list first in a search result page.

Beginning in June 2007, you can edit the page options from a second source, EZ-PageManager.  This new program will likely be easier to maintain most of your sitemap information.

Notes:  there is an option in the metatag editor for passing index information to robots using meta tags.  The current version of EZ-SiteMap does NOT use this information. 

Section 6 - EZ-SiteMap Overrides file
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