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1-Remote System
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Do you have so many remotes in your home that you have a difficult time figuring out which one to use and which buttons to push?  If so, you are suffering from what we call Remote Bloat! 

If Remote Bloat is something you are dealing with, we have a 1-remote system that will simplify your life.  We custom program a single remote to function easily with every component in your entertainment center.

The set-up of this technology requires one of our technicians to review your current equipment and learn how you would like the remote to be set up.  With that information, we customize the remote and program it to your specifications. 

There are three standard options in which we can ease the pain of Remote Bloat. 

Option #1
This is the most basic option programming the RTI remote (model T1B+) to work with up to 8 devises. 

Option #2
A more advanced set-up using an enhanced RTI remote (model T2-C) which will work with more than eight system components and can even tie into other systems in the house, like lighting control.

Option #3
With this option, we download an App to your smart phone, IPad or tablet.  Once downloaded, we program the phone to control the components that make up your entertainment system and viewing environment.  We personalize your devise to include a menu of personal favorites and we can even program it to control lighting and shades.  All of this from your existing smart devise. 

Authorized Dealer      

We are Certified Technology Specialists who are an authorized RTI dealer and are specialized to program these remotes or smart devise to your entertainment system environment. 

Option #1

RTI Remote - Model T1-B+

  • Basic Unit
  • Designed for Simple Systems
  • Supports up to 8 Devices

Option #2

RTI Remote - Model T2i

Universal remote RTI T2i
  • More Advanced Unit
  • Designed for Sophisticated Systems
  • Supports more than 8 Devices

Option #3

Smart Phone/ Tablet App

  • We tie into your wireless network to provide control.
  • We program specific menus with personal favorites.
  • Enhanced flexibility using your own smart devise.

RTI Remote

Model T1-B+

The T1-B+ is RTIís popular universal system controller with back lit buttons. The T1-B+ combines multiple remotes into one simple, ergonomic user interface providing powerful one-handed system control. The T1-B+ can operate todayís media systems at an affordable price.

  • RTI's basic unit perfect for simple systems.
  • Dual RF transmission utilizes 433MHz and 2.4GHz capacities.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design permits effortless, one-handed operation.
  • Eight source and four general purpose assignable/programmable keypad buttons with interchangeable key labels. 
  • Capable of transmitting IR and RF from a single button press.
  • Keep your cabinets closed while you use the remote.
  • Completely customizable and programmable.
  • System includes a Lithium-Ion Battery and a docking station.

RTI Remote

Model T2i

Universal RTI T2i remote with dock
Defining engineering excellence - the remarkable T2-i is the next generation of RTIís renowned T2 remote control platform. It includes a full complement of hard buttons and a 2.8Ē color LCD touchscreen interface that can be customized for full control of sophisticated entertainment devices.

Now, RTI is taking this design platform to unprecedented levels with a sleek ergonomic design.  Along with the customization and advanced features available, this remote makes controlling todayís electronics a true pleasure.

  • Dual RF transmission utilizes 433MHz and 2.4GHz capacities.
  • Flush mount, edge-to-edge touchscreen for improved gesture support.
  • Accelerometer provides "instant-on" control.
  • Three wireless modes built-in (RF, Zigbee and WiFi).
  • Transmits IR and RF (or both - on a single button press!).
  • Keep your cabinets closed while you use the remote.
  • Sustainable power management and battery charging.
  • Thin, sleek ergonomic design.
  • Forty-seven assignable/programmable keypad buttons.
  • Cursor button allows simple scrolling list navigation.
  • System includes a Lithium-Ion battery and docking station.
  • Completely customizable and programmable.
  • Non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when power is not present.