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Home Technology Integrator with builder
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As business owners, builders are always looking for a way to have a competitive advantage in a competitive industry.  Modern homes now go beyond granite counter tops.  Modern homes now include advances in technology. 

Having a home that is prepared by a technology expert will increase the attraction of buyers in an increasingly technology savvy culture.

One Contact for all Technology

We are extremely valuable to builders who embrace home technology integration.  We can be the single contact for all home technology needs.  When you have a technology concern, we are the only one you need to call and we will solve the issue.  We are Certified Technology Specialists which is a title earned through extensive and on-going training.

We take the headache away from technology problems that haunt builders.  Before and after the sale, simply call us and we will solve technology problems.   

Working with Subcontractors

dBTronix works very well with builders to provide homes that are smart home ready.  This will attract buyers!  As a home technology integrator, we are uniquely fitted to work with plumbers, electricians, and mechanical subcontractors.  

We are especially suited to work with electricians who are obviously specialized in high-voltage wiring.  We are the specialists in low-voltage wiring and integration. 

Be aware that substituting an electricians' high-voltage expertise with the delicacy of low-voltage wiring will likely cause problems.  For example, we have invested in:
  • Specialized tools
  • Specialized training
  • Certification in low-voltage wiring
  • Specialized testing equipment
These are things that electricians do not have.  If you are skeptical, visit our Hall of Shame to see the types of unfavorable situations that we are called on to fix.  These situations are the results of the work of the untrained.

Working together, however, we can provide unique homes that include smart home technology advances.  These advances increase home value and attract the technology savvy buyer. 

Competitive Advantage

When you work with dBTronix, your home will be prepared for modern technology.  The benefits of providing a home with smart home technologies involves more than structured wiring and pre-wiring.  It also includes the technology necessary to prepare for home theaters, home automation and other smart home technologies.  We are your competitive advantage that will help you sell more homes. 

The new generation of home buyers are technology sound and with the addition of technologies provided by dBTronix, an experienced home integrator, we provide a competitive advantage that help builders and/or their realtors sell more homes.

Homes sell better with smart home technology!
The Technology Threshold
The technology threshold is here!  In recent years, homes without an appropriate technology infrastructure were able to provide basic services.  However, the increased demand for streaming video is compounding exponentially and only homes with suitable technology will support the increased demand for these technologies. 

We can no longer ignore the need for a certified technology specialist, like dBTronix, to provide and certify an infrastructure to support the technology demands that have arrived.   

Highlights for Builders

dBTronix help builders by providing: 
  • Certified low-voltage wiring expertise
  • Smart home ready technology for your homes
  • Appropriate training and certifications
  • A single contact for all technology concerns
  • An integrator that works well with subcontractors
  • A competitive advantage to sell more homes
  • A resource to help plan with architects to prevent pitfalls

Getting Started

When you are ready to discuss a potential alliance to provide smart home technologies, please give us a call to discuss the options that are available to you. 

We are open to providing specialized technology packages for interested builders so that a competitive edge may be maintained. 

Call us or click here to request a meeting.