Smart home technology planning and design.
Planning & Design
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As the old adage says, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  This is very true when it comes to smart homes and home automation.  So we always start with a plan which helps homeowners avoid costly mistakes!

Proper planning and detailed system design is a central key to a successfully completed project.   Well established and documented designs will foster smooth transitions from stage to stage in your project installation and integration.

We Seek your Vision

Understanding the homeowners vision of the perfect home is where we begin.  After learning what home automation features are most important to you, the dBTronix team plans and professionally draws up customized designs to your liking. 

Smart home automation planning and design in Idaho Falls, Jackson, Wy, Sun Valley and the entire region.

The designs plot the road map to exceptional control systems:

Compatibility Awareness

All smart home and home automation features are carefully and strategically considered before the construction begins.

Smart home automation planning and design.
With our expertise, we plan equipment and systems that meet specifications that work together as one unit -- not cobbled together.  Buyer beware, not all products and systems work together.

It is unfortunate for a home owner who may invest in equipment which ultimately will not work with the home integration they desire.  At dBTronix, we know which systems work together and which ones don’t.

Compatibility awareness is an important reason to get us involved early, in the planning stages.  We are also very aware of electronics purchasing traps to avoid.

Feature Awareness
Being immersed in home automation, we know what automation features are popular, which ones work well, and which ones actually create value. 

We also know which home automation features bring no value and are rarely used.  We’ll guide you to the best features to meet the vision of your home.

To learn more about our home automation planning and design services, please give us a call or start with a Free Consultation