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Home Technology Integrator with architect
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Working with architects is one of our primary objectives.  As we get involved early in the life of a project, specifically the programming stage, we are able to assist architects in home and commercial integration technologies. 

We speak your language and provide drawings that prevent smart home technology headaches and turn them into smooth running projects that ultimately lead to client satisfaction.  

Integration Specialists

As home and business integration specialists, we understand the needs of appropriate planning and properly designed systems. 

When we are involved in the programming stage of a project, we can provide insight into automation, structured wiring and overall system integration that can easily be overlooked.  We know the right questions to ask and plan according to client needs.

The Role of Electronics Engineers

Our training in electronics engineering provides technology specialization just like a mechanical engineer is to an HVAC system engineer or like an electrical engineer is to power systems. 

When we are involved in the programming stage, we ask the right questions, avoid common technology pit-falls, and help you look good!  With us, you will be on top of the technology wave that is quickly becoming a necessity for home and business owners.

Construction Specifications

Since the 2004 MasterFormat specifications were updated by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Division 16 which previously included specifications for electricians, was updated to include additional divisions. 

The additional divisions provide specifications to satisfy the specification needs advancing technology.  For example, Division 25 now provides specifications for integrated automation -- our specialty

It is true, mechanical room specifications have changed but when we get involved, major technology headaches are prevented.

Our education, training and certifications provide us with the details necessary to establish appropriate specifications for clients.  When dBTronix is included in the programming stage, we make you look good because we understand home technology at every level.  

Architect Training Program

Architect AIA Continuing education training.

DBTronix is uniquely qualified to provide training for architects.  We are so passionate about working with architects that we have established training that qualifies for AIA Continuing Education credits. 

Our expertise becomes your expertise and we’ll continue to update you as technology advances.   Architects that work with dBTronix have added benefit for their clients in a technology age which demands to be embraced.

If you or your firm is interested in attending one of our AIA Continuing Education classes, click here.

AIA continuing education credits.