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Vantage Control System

Design is not only the way something looks. It is also how we interact with the device and how it works at every level. Ultimately, design defines the entire experience. There is a profound beauty in simplicity and efficiency. True simplicity is about bringing order to complexity.

The Vantage system installed by dBTronix, utilizes designs that are born from blending deep understanding of the real life experiences of system users, advances in technology, materials, finishes and the creativity from decades of experience.

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Easy to use controls by Vantage Control System

Equinox 40

Youíre creating your perfect place to work, live or play and youíve thought through every detail to make sure itís exactly what you want. The addition of a Vantage system can enable you to truly enjoy your personal paradise.

The keypad collection from Vantage enhances not only the capabilities of your system, but also the atmosphere and ambiance of each room. At the touch of a button, you can alter the feeling in a single room, completely transform your living environment or swipe to your personalized favorites on Equinox 40.