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Home Networking
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A home network gives you the ability to share files, music, and printers without having to jump from computer to computer. This means you can retrieve a document you created in your home office even though you are on a laptop in the bedroom.

Home networking for home office, wifi and more!

A home network also eliminates the need to have a printer for each computer in the house.  With a home network, only one printer is necessary as a single computer can be shared throughout the house.

Network Flexibility

Home networks can be hard wired, wireless or a combination of the two.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of network structure.  As we learn what your needs are, we will properly design and install the network that will support them.  

We are low voltage wiring experts and will install the network appropriately.  Be advised of unqualified and inexperienced installers.  They can cost you a lot of money!  See the forensic cleanup hall of shame to discover why.

Our home networks are designed to provide security, flexibility and expandability.  Home networks not only control data, music, and video files but can also be used to integrate other facets of smart home technologies.  

Network & Data Security

We provide appropriate firewall and other security measures that protect the integrity of the network and the data stored within.  

A major concern to parents is the use of a home's wifi by a child who may be accessing the Internet through their tablet, smart phone or computer.  With a home network designed by dBTronix, we can control the signal.  

For example, we can put the modem on a timer that limits Internet access by blocking access after midnight.  There are many options that we can provide to control Internet use within the home network.